The Sachem Bacon Group provides business coaching and consulting services to a variety of companies. Do you need to do a competitive analysis but don’t have the time? Are you interested in Marketing Automation but don’t really understand what it is or if it would truly benefit your business? Do you want to get involved in social media but don’t believe that it can possibly be as easy as it seems? I’m here to help.

After more than twelve years in Marketing and Product Management for a Fortune 100 company I have had the opportunity to practice a wide range of common business tasks. From Product Requirements to Forecasting to sales training and writing data sheets I have done just about every task needed to build, market, sell and support a product.

Even if you are not sure what type of help you need but want to bounce ideas off of someone other than a yes man, give me a call. I am interested in businesses old and new and ideas that are proven or off the wall.

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